Why accepting a WE BUY HOUSES FAST FOR CASH offer could be a HUGE MISTAKE! 

By: John Mercuri - Broker at eXp Realty in Barrie, Ontario Canada

Why accepting a WE BUY HOUSES FAST FOR CASH offer could be a HUGE MISTAKE! 

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You’ve probably seen the bright yellow signs (Google the term "Bandit Signs") in your neighborhood, or maybe even received a handwritten letter from a “FAST CASH HOME BUYER”.. this is a strategy used by many investors and flippers, and although not a new method, its one that's definitely been gaining lots of popularity lately among these investor types. 

From the surface, this may sound like a great way to sell a house fast. What oftentime goes unsaid is the price they paid for the convenience. Like everything else in life, convenience comes at a price and selling a house this way is not excluded from this golden rule. 

I can only think of one type of homeowner that this method is best suited for.. and that is someone who is NOT interested in receiving TOP DOLLAR for their house, and/or doesn't have the time or resources needed to prepare the house for sale.

Now, if  this sounds like you and this type of sale is in your thoughts and makes the most perfect sense to you,
you need to know that not all 'CLOSE FAST - CASH OFFERS' are created equal. Here's why and what approach I think you should be taking instead.

Before I get into the best approach for a 'CLOSE FAST - CASH OFFER', I feel that I have an obligation to state the obvious and that is that the best possible outcome for you (dollar wise) will always be presenting your home in its best light to the widest possible group of qualified buyers. This approach requires preparation, which requires time, physical effort and oftentimes financial resources. Once your house is ready to be presented to the market, an experienced real estate professional (shameless plug alert) like myself and my partners, simultaneously utilize multiple online and offline marketing methods and strategies to get you the traffic required to achieve a great outcome.

Now please don't misinterpret my intentions here.. the purpose of this blog post is not to persuade you scrap the idea of entertaining a "CLOSE FAST - CASH OFFER" altogether or to try to convince to adopt the traditional approach of selling your house with a REALTOR.

The only intentions of this blog post are to enlighten you with a "CLOSE FAST - CASH OFFER" strategy that you may not even realize is available to you and to also open your mind to the possibility of doing the exact same thing you are thinking of doing anyways but just a little differently to achieve a way better outcome!  

Now if for whatever reason you don't have the time, energy or resources and a "CLOSE FAST - CASH OFFER" approach is something that makes the most sense for you, it’s my opinion (at the risk of upsetting a few "Cash Buyer Types") that entertaining and accepting a cash offer from only one qualified buyer is the wrong approach, and a HUUUUUGE (Donald Trump voice) mistake that may end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars! 

The good news is that there is a better way! Quite simply put, the better way is to present the same opportunity to a qualified buyer pool consisting of many cash buyers at the exact same time that are not only ready, willing, and able to make a buying decision on quick notice but also able to close the deal quickly as well. Too easy right? 

Not so fast! This is where it gets tricky.. The challenges here lie not only in finding these buyers in a timely manner, but also qualifying them and vetting them to ensure they're not just a bunch of sleezy time wasters and that are only interested in lowballing you with insulting offers because they smell desperation. This process also takes time, effort and specialized know-how. Sounds like a hassle and lots of work right? I know. Sigh.

Here's where I come in..
I just so happen to work closely with couple dozen of these types of local investor/buyers that are all pre-screened, and ready, willing and able to purchase your house without you having to do anything to try to impress them. This means; no repairs, no de-cluttering, no renovations, no cleaning, no staging, no inconvenient showings at all hours of the day and night, absolutely nothing like those traditional methods of selling real estate! Reality is, these buyers really don't care what the condition the house is in because most of them are just going to gut its insides completely and rebuild it to their specific requirements.

The best part is that when this group of investors is presented the exact same opportunity at the exact same time, they will in most cases compete with each other and oftentimes outbid each other to purchase your property fast and with no risk, no hassle and more importantly with no aggravation to you! 

Now if you're interested in learning more about how you can put more money in your pocket faster, let's chat (in full confidentiality with no obligations or commitments of course) over a coffee or a tea - on me. You truly owe it to yourself to hear what I have to say. 

The best way to reach me directly is by email; john@themercuriteam.ca or by phone at 705-985-7653 or 416-688-8504. Hope to hear from you soon! 
- John   


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